Pest Control

The perfect selection of solutions to deal with rodent, insect or birds infestation. We will rapidly get rid of the pests that plague your home or business premises. In four steps, we carry out a custom-tailored pest control session to fit your specific needs:




    We will thoroughly inspect your property and tailor a plan that best befits the situation. This step covers every corner of your property – every room is checked, including your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. We also check appliances and items that can be related to your pest problem (e.g. washing machine, rugs, wardrobes, cupboards, beds, wooden furniture, sinks, pipes, etc.). Proper location is key to successful pest control.


    We implement tools for pest monitoring in critical areas. We will apply all solutions required for the specifics of the problem. You will receive a timely report. Our regular and emergency pest control services in London are not done by the hour, so we will leave once the treatment is complete.


    You will also receive prevention tips on how to avoid pest infestations in the future.


    Upon request, you can take advantage of a professional disinfection procedure at preferential rates. We will ensure that all affected areas are pest and pesticide free and your home is safe once more.



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